A Review of Running with the Kenyans

It has taken less than a day for Gill and I to decide we could happily return, repeatedly, to Provence. Passing estate agents on the streets of Lourmarin we amuse ourselves by stopping, looking, trying to find a property we can at least pretend would fall within some fictional price range we might have were […]

Paul Deen's Challenge Roth 2012 Power and Heart Rate Trends

It Wasn’t Your Day

Another analysis of an athlete at Roth, highlighting the difficulties in drawing conclusions about race performances.

Pro-3 Incredisocks - read their claimed benefits and judge for yourself

Of Socks, Evidence and the Search for Marginal Gains

A free pair of socks leads to questions about evidence and the triathlon market place. Should we really believe socks will give us that performance edge?

Town of Runners

A Town Of Runners

Reviewing a documentary following the lives of young athletes from Bekoji, Ehtiopia as they struggle to make it in the world of running.

Training and Racing with a Power Meter

A Second Take on Training and Racing with a Power Meter

The release of Training and Racing with a Power Meter for Kindle inspired me to revisit the book that introduced me to power training.

Mizuno Performance Centre, London

Mizuno Performance Centre – A Curious Day Out

An unusual day out: attending the press preview of the Mizuno Performance Centre, opened during the Olympics in London.

Cutting-Edge Cycling by Hunter Allen and Stephen Cheung

A Review of Cutting-Edge Cycling

A review of Hunter Allen’s and Stephen Cheung’s take on the cutting-edge of cycling.

The Art of Running Faster - Cover Image

Learning the Art of Running Faster

Picking up some new tricks for my run programs. A review of The Art of Running Faster by Julian Goater