Preparing for Kona

Latest statistics for the Ironman World Championship

Five days until the Ironman World Championship, which means that everywhere I look there are pictures and stories from Kona. Although I’ve no current desire to race at the World Champs again, I’m always a little jealous of those spending race week on the big island. I have fond memories of my two trips there. I may not be able to report on the build up to the race – there are other blogs that can do that – but I can look at its results and statistics as the week unfolds.

I’ve already made a start on the process in the last few weeks.

There is more to come, but for now here’s a recap of some of my previous work analysing results from Kona.

While this is a lazy blog post relying on my back catalogue for content I have been busy preparing for Kona. Perhaps most interestingly collaborating with Thorsten on a Kona Live Predictions site. On race day my newly built athlete tracker tool will provide Thorsten with the pro splits and enable him to make live race predictions based on his tri ratings. We’re dependent on the tracker for data, but can hopefully offer a slightly more interesting experience for those following the professional race.

Latest statistics for the Ironman World Championship

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