Ironman World Championship 2012: Female Overall Performance by Age Category

Kona Statistics 2012: Performances By Age Category

Top level statistics from the Kona data. Looking at performances in each sport across the age groups.

Ironman World Championship 2012 - Results Spreadsheet

Results from Kona 2012

A day after the Ironman World Championship 2012 and there wasn’t a decent form of results available – so I went ahead and made my own spreadsheet.

Ironman World Championship 2010: Russ Cos Running on the Queen K

On Racing in Kona

Advice on racing in Kona, particularly aimed at my athlete out there, but applicable to most.

How Long is Long? On the Length of Ironman

How Long is Long? On the Length of Ironman

Speculation started within minutes of the winner crossing the line, was the run accurate? From my position on a side street in Tenby and with infrequent Internet access via the weak signal to my phone I couldn’t tell. Athletes passed me, and all I could say was how they looked and how many more laps […]

Ironman Wales 2012: Comparison of Athletes' Bike Performances

Ironman Wales 2012: Fast, Medium, Crash

More examination of race data from Ironman Wales, this time looking at a number of quite different performances.

Ironman Wales 2012: Detailed Breakdown of Power Distribution for Ben Unsworth During the Bike

Ironman Wales 2012: Analysing a Race Performance

First piece of race analysis from Ironman Wales. A long and detailed look at Ben Unsworth’s performance on race day.

Ironman Wales 2012: Lead male pro, Sylvain Rota, on his way to win.

Watching Ironman Wales

Participating from the sidelines of Ironman Wales, a spectators report on a long, hard day.

Tenby North Beach - Swim Start for Ironman Wales

In Preparation for Ironman Wales

Were I still racing, what I would be doing during the final days before Ironman Wales.

Paul Deen's Challenge Roth 2012 Power and Heart Rate Trends

It Wasn’t Your Day

Another analysis of an athlete at Roth, highlighting the difficulties in drawing conclusions about race performances.

Paul Burton at Challenge Roth: An Example of a Successful Ironman Power Distribution

More Than One Way to Race an Ironman

Another piece of race analysis, demonstrating a very controlled day at Challenge Roth and the variation in successful approaches to Ironman