Lanzarote Triathlon Training Camp

A Hard Pool Session

The Winds Return

A return of form for the island, the winds are back on the biggest day of riding so far on camp.

At the top of Haria

Day 3 on Camp – Hit the North

A trip to the North end of the island and the first proper swim session of the camp.

Before the First Ride of the Lanzarote Training Camp

A ‘Gentle’ Introduction to Lanzarote

The first training day of camp and the island was kind to us with light winds for our ride and sun throughout the day.

Sands Beach Logo

The Start of the 2014 Lanzarote Training Camps

The 2014 Lanzarote Triathlon Training Camps start today, athletes start to arrive and I lay out the plans for the week ahead.

CoachCox Lanzarote Triathlon Training Camp 2013

Final Preparations for the 2014 Lanzarote Training Camps

Guidebooks for both weeks of my Lanzarote training camps. Only a couple more weeks to go.

CoachCox Lanzarote Triathlon Training Camp 2013

The 2014 CoachCox Lanzarote Triathlon Training Camps

A quick update on the plans for the 2014 Training Camps – places already filling fast.

Lanzarote Training Camp Flashback: More Video from Camp

More videos from the Lanzarote Training Camp featuring the Tabayesco Time Trial and the 5.4K Run Time Trial.

Lanzarote Training Camp: Swim Coaching

Triathletes Swimming

Videos from the training camp show that the swim can be the highlight of triathlon training.

Lanzarote Training Camp 2013: In Summary

Summing up the Lanzarote Training Camp week with thanks to Mark, the athletes, Sands Beach and the camp sponsors: Bonk, GU, HUUB, On and Nuun,

Lanzarote Training Camp Results: 5.4K Run Race

Lanzarote Training Camp 2013: Some Results

A collection of results from the races and events held over the week on my Lanzarote Training Camp.