Lanzarote Triathlon Training Camp

Pleasant Climbing

Lanzarote Camp Week 2 – Calm at Last

We finally get those lighter winds and a good day’s riding comes with it

The leaders on the run

Lanzarote Camp Week 2 Begins

Week two of the Lanzarote Training Camp gets under way: punctures, filming errors, but a good day of training

Camp Done!

Lanzarote Camp Day 6 – Week One Done!

A few tough training sessions bring the first week of training camp to a close.

Starting the day with a Swim

Lanzarote Camp Day 5 – Mirador del Rio at Last!

A quick change of plans and we finally get to Mirador del Rio

Flying Start

Lanzarote Camp Day 4 – Easy!

On training camp easy day means race hard

Lanzarote Camp Day 3 – Wind

High winds and long rides. A day in the support car for me and a hard day on the road for the athletes.

How many triathletes does it take to fix a puncture?

Lanzarote Camp Day 2 – Not As Advertised

A cold and wet ride as Lanzarote fails to deliver on the sun and lessons in puncture repair

First Finishers at the 5.4K Race

Lanzarote Camp Day 1 – Where are we Going?

The first day of camp occasionally lacked a sense of direction, but the group trained well

Sands Beach Resort Pool

The 2015 Lanzarote Training Camps Begin

The 2015 Lanzarote Triathlon Training Camps are about to begin – I’m in the lobby waiting for my athletes.

CoachCox Lanzarote Triathlon Training Camp 2013

The 2015 Lanzarote Triathlon Training Camp

After two successful years of camp, plans are now in place for the 2015 Lanzarote Triathlon Training camps