Lanzarote Triathlon Training Camp

Reflections From a Second Year of Lanzarote Training Camps

A few final thoughts on the flight back from the Lanzarote training camps.

At the Top of the Tabayesco Time Trial

The Last Day

Our last day of training in Lanzarote – a time trial up Tabayesco and another big swim.

Race to the top of Mirador del Rio

Once More Round the Island

Another trip round the Ironman course plus a little extra to hit 200K for the day.

Swim relay transition

Taking it Easy (Again)

Another easy day and another short race to keep the athletes occupied.

At Pro Bikes

Sheltering in the Bunch

More wind, a steep climb and then more wind.

The Walking Dead

Increasing the Load

We get the athletes working harder with some help from Lanzarote’s winds.

Race Start

Begin Again – Week 2 in Lanzarote

Another week of training camp begins with a new group of athletes to put through their paces.

Celebrating the Finish of Camp

Week One Done

The final day of the first week of camp: going easy on the bike and hard in the pool.

A helping draft

Around Lanzarote by Bike or Car

The athletes take on the Ironman course in windy conditions while the coach follows from the comfort of a car.

Dubious Race Kit

Train Hard, Race Easy

Easy day is race day on camp – this time a team relay mini-triathlon with some dubious outfits and racing tactics.