Lanzarote Triathlon Training Camp

Top of Tabayesco

Lanzarote Training Camp 2013 Day 7 in Depth

Now that I’m back in the UK and recovered from the final night a few details from the last day of the training camp.

Training Camp Huub Towel Winners

Lanzarote Training Camp Day 7: Completion

A brief mention of camp completion and the evening that followed. Towels provided by camp sponsor Huub.

Obligatory Fire Mountain Group Shot

Lanzarote Training Camp Day 6: Long

It wouldn’t be a Lanzarote Training Camp without the Ironman bike course featuring once, as we near the end my athletes tackle the route.

Stroke Technique Coaching from Mark Racher

Lanzarote Training Camp Day 5: Easy Day

A not-so-easy easy day on camp. A day spent around the pool, playing, filming, analysing and training.

Lanzarote Training Camp 2013 Day 4: Coffee, Cake and Beer

The biggest ride so far in the biggest winds so far, rounded our with the biggest swim so far. A tough day for our athletes on camp.

Mirador del Rio Summit

Lanzarote Training Camp 2013 Day 3: Run, Bike, Swim

Day three matched day two with another full day of training. Run, bike and swim all completed on camp.

Lanzarote Training Camp: 5K Time Trial

Lanzarote Training Camp 2013 Day 2: Testing

Day two of the camp a testing time for coaches and athletes, as we settle into the routine of the week ahead.

Lanzarote Training Camp 2013 Welcome Dinner

Lanzarote Training Camp 2013 Day 1: Arrivals

First official day of camp. Meeting and greeting more than training. The work starts tomorrow.

Lanzarote Training Camp - First Day of Swim Analysis

Camp Preparations

A day before the training camp starts and the final details are falling into place.

The Training Camp Plans

The training camp plans are all set and a last minute place has become available.